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Massage ball BALLY

Massage ball BALLY

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Crafted from 100% renewable cork, cork-o's ultralight massage balls provide eco-friendly muscle recovery assistance. This ball stand out as a premium selection for alleviating muscle soreness, accelerating post-workout recovery, curbing stiffness, and enhancing mobility. They're also perfectly dimensioned for both versatile use and travel.

The elegant natural cork ball is tailored to massage your body's pressure points and facilitate myofascial release.

Addressing muscle knots: Diligently works on knotted fibers, fostering myofascial liberation.

Optimized movement: These self-healing balls improve joint motion and soothe the nervous system.

Pain relief: Expertly crafted to alleviate pain.

Usage tips:
Target tricky areas with ease: simply lean against a wall, chair, or floor to achieve the desired pressure.


100% Portuguese cork


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Packaging - 100% recyclable
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Good to know

When it comes to cork products, it's important to remember that they are made from a natural material. That means that each piece is unique and may have slight irregularities or differences from one another. You might notice that the surface isn't always perfectly smooth, or that there are subtle variations in color shade.

But hey, that's part of the charm of natural materials - it adds character and individuality to each and every item. So embrace the quirks and enjoy your one-of-a-kind cork product!

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  • Hypoallergenic 

    A breath of fresh air for allergy sufferers – cork wards off airborne particles safely.

  • Eco harvesting

    Sourced from cork oak bark, our cork material is kind to trees and the planet alike.

  • Water-resistant

    Thanks to its unique makeup, cork bravely stands up to water and gas.

  • Natural touch

    With cork, every piece is a soft, flexible, and beautifully unique work of nature.

  • Recyclable

    From tree to treasure, cork's recyclability marks a win for Mother Nature.

  • Cruelty-Free

    Cork, a plant wonder! No animal products, no testing - just ethical style.