Doing good

Committed to a better world. At cork-o, we are dedicated to operating our business with a strong focus on sustainability, social responsibility, and profitability. Our mission is to make a positive impact and contribute to a brighter future for all.

Every transaction is an opportunity to make an impact

At cork-o, we are dedicated to lessening our environmental footprint and advocating for sustainability. That's why we've collaborated with Ecologi to plant a tree for each product that you purchase. This joint effort enables us to contribute towards combating climate change and establishing a more sustainable world. See our climate impact here.

“Our mission is to make a sustainable future accessible through our commitment to eco-friendly materials and practices.”

Our website is carbon-neutral: Here's how we did it

Our commitment to carbon neutrality extends beyond our own operations. We also recognize the impact that our website can have on the environment, given the energy required to host and maintain it. That's why we have taken steps to ensure that the estimated carbon emissions from hosting this website are offset through Web Neutral Project carbon offsetting program.

By taking these actions, we hope to inspire others to join us building a more sustainable future for all.